Bathroom Cloth 2 Pack


General Bathroom Cleaning: Bathtubs, showers, sinks, vanities, faucets, tile, and mirrors Includes one (2) Bathroom Cloth 12.5" x 12.5" Extra thick and absorbent Bathroom Cloth removes excess water as well as dirt, grime and bacteria from bathroom surfaces True Chemical Free Cleaning – Fibers attract moisture and oil lifting and trapping dirt, grease, soap, scum, grime, mildew, and remove bacteria using just water s absolutely no use of any harmful bathroom cleaners and their noxious fumes Proven to remove over 99% of all bacteria (including e-Coli and listeria) from hard surfaces with just water Cleans tubs, showers, sinks, vanities, faucets, tile, mirrors and windows Guaranteed for 300 machine washings


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